221B Studio LLC (http://221bStudio.com) is based in Denver, Colorado and specializes in original abstract artwork. Michael Trent Martin is the owner and has been making specialized artwork for over 15 years.

At 221B, we scrutinize every piece of art from concept and connotation to understanding and readability. Our brand is very important and how our customers view us can determine future investment and customer appeal. It is our goal that our vision is properly understood and our customer’s comprehend the message our artwork embodies. We not only scrutinize every aspect of the artwork but also subject every piece to public and in-­‐house critiques in order to give our client the best possible product.

We encourage our artists to pursue their own interests and artistic endeavors through collaboration and love of the arts. We can make the world a beautiful place by helping and encouraging each other to follow our dreams.

Michael Trent Martin is an artist in Denver, Colorado. He currently holds a degree in Graphic Design Print Production. Martin is attending Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and has been awarded the Provost Scholarship and continues to create art through his company 221B Studio LLC, which was founded in 2014.


Martin was a creative child. He mimicked the shows he watched on television by creating space battles and dramatic scenes from Star Trek and ET. Martin began creating newspaper style comics in high school with his first series Nathan Perkil, which involved basketball equipment commenting on the aftermath of games and going on crazy adventures through their imagination while in storage.  After High School Martin continued his artistic education. He began his second series Koala Man in 1999, which continues to this day in its 3rd incarnation. To this day Martin has created hundreds of characters and currently has over 250 comics.


221B was created to pursue collaboration with artist’s to make “nerdy” mass media art for parody and licensing. 221B also creates original artwork from comic characters to fine art to fulfill our client’s needs.


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